Welcome to Beautique!

welcome to beautique medspa in columbus ga

We're Changing the Industry! Here's How!

Welcome To Beautique!

Thank you for taking a moment to read about us! First, this blog is not going to just spit out the same information you’ll find on our website or social media! We’re here to give you insider information as well as give you a space to learn more about the services within the industry.

With that, I want to remind you what we’re all about, in our own words.

When you think of a Med-Spa, what comes to your head? Is it clinical, cold, and expensive? Those are some of the things that come to my mind. Oh! I forgot to tell you who I am. Silly of me. My name is Stephanie, and I’m your General Manager. You’ll hear from me often, as well as from other members of our team.

Now Med-spas. What is it and why do the terms cold, clinical, and expensive come to mind? I guess it’s because of the word Medical. It sounds cold and brings to mind how expensive and overbearing the medical world is. But Med-Spas are just a bit different.

What is a Med-Spa

By definition, a med spa is a combination of an aesthetic medical center and a day spa that provides nonsurgical aesthetic medical services under the supervision of a licensed physician.

In a nutshell, it’s a spa where you can get elective aesthetic medical procedures. Think Botox, and lip filler. Simple, and minimally invasive, but a medical procedure, nonetheless. 


The thought of anything medical gives me the vision of cold white walls, paper on spotless white chairs, and the smell of antiseptic in the air. This seems to be the consensus regarding most medspas. But, like us, many in the industry are trying to change the public view to concentrate more on the Spa and less on the Med. What exactly do I mean by that? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let me tell you how we’re trying to change that aspect of the industry.

Beautique History

Changes in the industry isn’t an easy thing to overcome. Beautique can attest to that because it’s gone through its own changes in the industry very recently.

Beautique may be new to you, but some aspects of our business have been open for more than a decade! The owners of Beautique had a thriving salon for the last thirteen years prior to opening doors at Beautique in March of this year! The previous salon serviced over 12,000 clients in the Columbus, Phenix City area. It was a small salon with just a handful of stylist and spa services weren’t on the menu at all. But our owners believed that change and growth was coming, and they embraced this new vision of the future for their lives.

As an established salon with a great retention rate of clients, they opened Beautique with hopes of giving their clients more than they imagined. The change was astonishing and welcomed by most clients, but the changes were still something to get used to for others. Suddenly a host of options were available that our clients weren’t used to, and they couldn’t understand how we were different from any other day spa they’d been. We’ve slowly but surely have changed that opinion for our clients. Beautique is not just another salon. It’s a FULL SERVICE salon, and a FULL SERVICE spa and medspa. That means we don’t limit our services, but offer a diverse list for our clients to choose from. But that’s not the only way we’re changing the industry.

How We're Changing Things!

We’re changing the industry by creating a warm, inviting atmosphere filled with staff members that our clients can trust, relate to, and have confidence in. Some chief complaints that many have is that the medspa atmosphere is no different than the doctor’s office, which negates the purpose of the spa. 

We want each of our clients to feel like they are walking into a spa day! They deserve comfort, and relaxation when they walk through those doors!

That’s something that everyone says. We’re different from the rest of the world. We’re unique in the industry. Many say it, but we are. How, might you ask? Well, it’s all in the name. Beautique Hair and Body Medspa. What the rest of the industry has yet to do is give their clientele everything they want. In the world of luxury, giving your clients what they want is the name of the game. That’s what WE are doing. We’re doing our best to give you it all! 

The mission of Beautique is to be the go-to space for our clients to get all of the treatments and services they need for them to feel their absolute best. You can check out our website HERE to see a full list of what our clients can choose from. We want to boast about the diverse range of services we offer our clients for their hair, nails, and body.

This allows our clients to truly schedule themselves a FULL SPA DAY. You can get your hair, nails, and makeup done, and also get your laser hair removal, IPL skin rejuvenation, facial, and Botox too. We make taking care of yourself simple, easy, and more importantly, convenient. 

Convenience is key in the beauty industry. Many would consider what we do as a luxury. And to a point, we agree! Making yourself feel your best does require some luxury, but we don’t consider self-care a luxury. We believe it’s a necessity! But because we know that is not how everyone believes it to be, we at least want to make it convenient for the average person to indulge in some luxury self-care. Keep a look out for another post regarding the importance of self-care!

Are You Ready to Experience Beautique?

Are you ready to experience the new wave of the industry? If so, come on by. Our business has a full list of services to choose from and we’re excited for you to experience each and every one of them! We believe that once you get a glimpse of what we’re offering our clientele, you won’t hesitate to take advantage of it as well! 

The road to self-care can be a long one, filled with uncertainties, conflicting time schedules, and guilt from spending on what many deem as unnecessary! When you visit with us, you’ll find out that we work with your schedule, our staff is specially trained to give you the best care possible that will help you reach YOUR goals, and the price tag doesn’t have to be expensive! 

Stop in or book at the link below to get yourself started. Come experience something new at Beautique!

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