TruSkin Fx Skin Rejuvenation

The TruSkin Fx Skin Rejuvenation is a SIX STEP  facial that delivers long-lasting results!

This facial concentrates on giving you youthful, glowing skin while targeting fine lines, acne scarring, texture, restoring elastin to the skin and encouraging cell turnover! All of this is completed in a gentle, relaxing facial that takes just 60 minutes of your day! 

After consulting with you, our esthetician will create a customized facial to address your skin concerns! Whether you have dry, oily, or combinations skin, or suffer from acne or rosacea, the TruSkin FX system has a specialized treatment for all skin types and ethnicities! Using one of 3 solutions and a specialized cleaning treatment, the TruskinFX will deliver results that you can see immediately! 

**Results last for 4-6 weeks with proper post care**

Skin Solutions for Your Skin Type!

PS1 Aha Solution: 

This solution uses alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) to disrupt the cohesion of corneocytes within the stratum corneum.

In other words, the AHA’s will work by removing cells in chunks, shedding multiple layers at a time. This solution is ideal for dry aging skin.

PS2 Bha Solution: 

This solution uses beta hydroxy acids (BHA’s) to exfoliate at the skin’s surface as well as inside the pores.

BHA’s are fat-soluble, allowing them to cling onto oil, making them ideal fir treating oily or acneic skin!

PS3 Solution: 

This solution contains Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate which aides in skin hydration and works as an antioxidanr to help protect from free radical damage. EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) and Galactomyces ferment filtrate penetrate deep into the skin causing accelerated cell metabolism, brightening of pigment, hydrates the skin, and helps prevent cell oxidation.

Overall Skin Goals

Shine And Rehydrate

Using the Glowskin O+ Skin Shine treatment, our esthetician will deliver a relaxing 15-minute cleansing and exfoliating session that will exfoliate and oxygenate the skin to restore shine and hydration. These solutions work together to create a CO2 rich foam that stimulates the body to oxygenate the tissue.

Exfoliate and Lighten

Using the Glowskin O+ Skin Exfoliating treatment, our esthetician will deliver a relaxing 15-minute cleansing and exfoliating session. These particular solution and treatments are formulated with active ingredients to brighten and repair the skin evenly and continues to work post treatment!

Better Skin in Just 60 Minutes!